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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mourning A Great Lady ...

While celebrating a life well-lived.

Coretta Scott King
April 27, 1927--January 31, 2006

Few can offer that they have dedicated their lives to peace and justice as can Coretta Scott King. While she was the wife of dynamic civil rights leader, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., she was accomplished in her own rights. She was a gifted musician and promoted education her entire life. Born into a segregated world, she made a difference to the world. Permanently etched in the hearts and minds of many was the quiet grace of a woman holding her child while at the funeral of her husband. However, there are still some of us who missed that Coretta was not a woman who walked in the shadow of her husband, but stood by his side, not only urging him to his greatness, but standing up to him when sometimes he failed.

The story that comes to mind is the day their house was bombed. It was the one time that Dr. King was said to have decided that there was a time that non-violence couldn't work. I hear it often on the Peace Hour, the question of 'What if someone attacked your family, your children? Would you not then meet violence with violence?' It was said on that night as Martin reached for a rifle to stand on his porch and declare that he would not tolerate attacks on his family, Coretta urged him to stand down! And he did.

Are you afraid? In today's world, we are being taught the lessons of fearing the other. We know that people will do evil to other in the name of religion, power, greed. And we can take up arms to meet them on the battlefield OR ...

Here is where I believe we, as women, can be at our best. We can stand up for justice. We can stand up for peace. We can stand up for democracy and freedom. BUT ... we must stand down on violence --- in all of its forms.

Violence: Classism
Violence: Poverty
Violence: Racism
Violence: Bad Educational Systems
Violence: Inequity of Health Care
Violence: Consumption of the Earth's resources without taking responsibility
Violence: Lack of Transparency
Violence: Hidden Agendas/Bad Intentions
Violence: Not listening/Not being heard
Violence: Not being willing to change

See. Violence comes in all forms. It is not just war with guns and ammo, but the war we have each day as we struggle to choose peace ... or not!

I met Coretta several times. She was always gracious and giving. She was also steadfast and incorruptible. She kept the sacred flame alive in her life, in her children's lives and in this country. Fairness, justice, honor ... key words that we should inscribe in our hearts today in honor of this great lady. We honor our heroes and sheroes by emulating the best they have offered to us. She now serves as one of the ancestors whose shoulders we continue to stand on. Ladies and gentlemen, it is the work of those gone before us that gives us the hope of all of our tomorrows.

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