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Sister to Sister is a place to renew for women of all cultures, faiths and races. Coretta Scott King said, "Women, if the soul of the Nation is to be saved, I believe we must become its soul." I would like to add "Earth" instead of "Nation." We need to widen the borders and challenge the world to become a better place. Join the conversation.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Gathering

The World is Calling Us
To Gather Together
To Bring the world its blessings
A time of renewal, A time of birth
The sound from our voices
Rises melodiously upward
and Raises the Earth
to its place among the stars
Soaring through the Universe's
Tapestry of Creation

As grandmothers, we rise
As mothers, we rise
As daughters--yes, we rise
Sisters, Let us Rise!
To gather to that place of being
Where spirit and love shine
Nurturing the sick and fallen
Carrying the banner of peace, waging peace
for the Nations, for our Children
All of God's Children ... Red, Yellow, Black and White
We are gathering with Our Might.
We gather.
We gather.
We are here.

P.K. McCary (c) April 12, 2010 at One Minute After Midnight

1 comment:

A. Roberts said...

great piece!
don;t take this the wrong way, but that should really be on mugs and t-shirts. it would be a great fund raising tool for all types of women's gatherings, conferences, and events.