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Thursday, April 01, 2010

A Sister of the Heart & Soul

A Tribute to Barbara Malloy-Morin

A Gentle Spirit who will live forever
A quiet soul whose ties we’ll not sever
An earthly manifestation of His love
An angelic presence from God above
A rare and precious treasure
An exceptional gift that could never measured
An extraordinary sister of the heart & soul
A jeweled diamond, exquisite gold

She volunteered to clean up her neighborhood
When others wouldn’t, she gladly would
When Katrina came some turned their backs
But Barbara just pitched right in and didn’t wait to be asked
She made caring seem so easy, so effortless
When reaching out to others, my how she would bless
Working so diligently to help the downtrodden
Her unique brand of sisterly love will never be forgotten
An incomparable sister of the heart & soul
A jeweled diamond, exquisite gold

Ms Mary Kay, made all girls feel beautiful and invincible
They became the cherished ones, indispensible
Barbara loved the little children of the world
Red, yellow black & white
They were ALL precious in her sight
A Research veterinarian, she was a friend
of all creatures big or small
She took care of and loved them all
A brilliant sister of the heart & soul
A jeweled diamond, exquisite gold

A loving wife who knew how to give
A caring mother whose spirit in Dianna will forever live
The sweet comforting smile, impish grin
Kept her going thru thick and thin
No matter the affliction she still could smile
She would just do and go that extra mile.
Absent from the body but present with the Lord
She has now received her well-deserved heavenly reward
Now Barbara will able to breathe very well
As we wish her a fond farewell
We don’t say bye, but just so long
For we will always be serenaded by Barbara’s sweet song
Our sister of the heart & soul
A Jeweled Diamond, Exquisite Gold

sister mama sonya-2010©

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